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by Michael Medved (Author)
A timely and forceful defense of American's economic system, 5 BIG LIES ABOUT AMERICAN BUSINESS boldly tackles the smears and deceptions that underlie the public's bitter, resentful attitude toward capitalism and confirms that our unique corporate system has always benefited and will continue to energize our economy and this great country.

Michael Medved is the host of a daily three-hour radio program that is syndicated coast to coast by the Salem Radio Network. The Michael Medved Show reaches more than 4 million listeners in over 200 markets every week, making it the #7 radio program in the country. He is also the bestselling author of eleven books, including the New York Times Bestseller The 10 Big Lies About America, Right Turns, Hollywood vs. America, and What Really Happened to the Class of '65? A member of USA Today's board of contributors, he frequently writes op-eds for that paper and also writes a weekly column for Townhall.com, America's leading conservative news and opinion website.

Michael Medved show times are as follows: Monday-Friday 3PM-6PM ET

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